Carers Advisory Partnership

Carer Break Funding.

  In 2010/11 the partnership established funding to enable carers in North Lincs to take a break from their caring role.

When a carer has an assessment or review,this can be discussed with a member of the family carer team,to establish if the carer is eligible for carer break funding.

Carer Case Leaders.

 About six years ago,carer members on the partnership,asked for support in dealing with their own problems in trying to get services for themselves and the person they cared for. They were tired of having to ring round a lot of different people,in order to do this. So carer case leaders were established. They work at the carers support centre,and are there to support carers,and make calls,and find out information on the carers behalf. This service has proved to be very successful,and helps to remove some of the stress that carers have.